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How do I help my teen who is facing underage drinking charges?

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

Underage drinking is considered a serious charge in Kentucky, and it not only affects the teen who has been drinking illegally and is facing charges. These charges can also affect other people involved in profound ways.

In Ohio, the laws are no less strict. The applicable laws regarding underage (a person of less than 21 years of age) drinking say that neither owners nor occupants of public and private places in the state are permitted to knowingly allow any underage person to occupy that place while drinking or even holding alcohol.

If I own the property where underage drinking is going on, am I responsible?

If you own a property in Ohio and underage people are consuming alcohol, according to Ohio laws, you are not responsible for what the underage drinkers are doing as long as you were not aware of their intention to consume alcohol. On the other hand, if you were aware of the intention, you are responsible.

If you own a hotel, inn, campground or cabin and an underage person presents you with a fake I.D., which states that the underage person is at least 21 years of age, that is considered an illegal act in Ohio on the part of the underage person.

What might happen to my teen if they are charged with drinking?

Ohio underage drinking laws are strict and they are clear. If your teen has been arrested for consuming, buying or possessing alcohol, those are all grounds for arrest. Additionally, if your teen sold or gave alcohol to another person who is under 21, is caught with a fake I.D. in an attempt to buy alcohol or uses any other means to obtain alcohol, those are all legally justifiable reasons for arrest.

If a person who is of a legal drinking age hosts a party or some other social gathering in which alcohol is present and is being consumed and a minor consumes the alcohol, the host is responsible if an injury or fatality occurs.

Legal counsel

If you teen has been arrested and is facing charges for underage drinking, it is probably valuable to consult an Ohio attorney who has experience with juvenile crimes. Minor children often make mistakes and then they hopefully learn from those mistakes so that they can make better choices going forward in their lives.

If your teen is arrested for underage drinking, they shouldn’t have to be punished for the rest of their lives for the poor judgment that they had when they were young. A juvenile crime attorney can help you and your teen to move on from their mistake and to allow them to live productive and successful lives going forward so that the future is bright.